B.Sc Garment Designing & Production

BSc in Garment Designing & Production is a dynamic program tailored for individuals passionate about the artistry and technical precision of garment creation. This comprehensive course combines creativity with industry knowledge, equipping students with the skills necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Curriculum Highlights or Features:

  • Explore into the basics of fashion design by examining key principles such as color theory, fabric manipulation, and creating silhouettes. Develop the skills to transform abstract concepts into concrete designs using techniques like sketching, pattern-making, and Sewing .
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the wide array of textiles that are currently available in the market, along with their unique properties. Delve into the various methods of fabric manipulation, explore the different printing techniques employed, and examine into the important sustainability considerations that are integral to textile production.
  • Master the art of garment construction from start to finish. Learn industry-standard sewing techniques, pattern drafting, and fitting principles to create high-quality garments that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements.
  • Understand the business side of fashion with courses in merchandising and costing. Explore consumer behavior, trend forecasting, and retail strategies to effectively promote and sell the designs in the global marketplace.
  • This course emphasizes the subject of Apparel Industrial Engineering, which serves as a vital link between conventional garment manufacturing methods and contemporary industrial engineering principles. The primary objective of this field is to enhance production processes, optimize efficiency, and reduce costs within the apparel manufacturing industry.
  • Internships with renowned fashion houses, textile and apparel manufacturers offer an exceptional opportunity to gain practical experience. By actively participating in real-world projects, individuals can not only establish connections within the industry but also acquire invaluable knowledge about industry practices.
  • Address the growing demand for sustainable fashion practices by exploring eco-friendly materials, ethical production methods, and circular design principles. Learn how to integrate sustainability into every stage of the garment lifecycle, from sourcing to disposal.

Career Opportunity:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Pattern Maker
  • Product Developer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Quality Assurance Executive
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Sustainable Fashion Consultant
  • Visual Merchandiser
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