B.Sc Fashion Apparel Management

The B.Sc. (Apparel Production Technology) is unique programme which prepares the qualified graduates asan Industrial Engineer to the Apparel Sector. To survive and to perform better in the ever-competitive business, the apparel industry looks for and rely upon industrial engineers through cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Considering the demand and ever-growing need for apparel industrial engineer, the course B.Sc. (Apparel Production Technology) started in the year 2019.

The curriculum is designed with various essential subjects that includes Basic Textiles, Apparel Manufacturing, Garment Machineries, Quality Assurance, Production Planning, Industrial Engineering etc.

The students are introduced to the various techniques and concepts of industrial Engineering such as Method Study, Time Study, Line setting, Operation Bulletin, ManMachine Ratio, Bottle Neck Management, Style change over, Efficiency and Productivity improvement. Etc. Two mini projects and one Major Project helps the students to study and implement the learned techniques for better factory performance.

The course also covers the managerial aspects required for an IE through the subjects such as Interpersonal Skills, Human resource Management, etc.

Students gain skills through practical subjects such as Sewing, Computer Application, CAD etc.


  • To develop competent professional as Industrial Engineers and entrepreneurs to the apparel industry


  • To update the curriculum as per the industry requirements.
  • To prepare students to be efficient professionals through effective teaching and industrial training
  • To Promote entrepreneurship through education and training

Career Prospectus

The graduates of this program pursue careers as Industrial Engineer, Planning Manager, Production Manager,Factory Manager and Entrepreneur.

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