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  • Fashion Meditation

    The mood board comprising a 10*10 grid based on the snake and ladder board game captures the entrepreneurial struggle in the virtues of overcoming the voices in the rise and growth of the knitwear industry in Tiruppur. Snake and ladder board game has been chosen to vividly visualize the battle of the knitwear entrepreneurs of Tiruppur who have fought against all odds to make the city, The Knitwear Hub of India. Each grid in the board will portray a fashion icon representing the nature of industrial activities performed by the knitwear industry in Tiruppur. The icons in the grid will be flat drawings (with multi colours) that will picturize the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats faced by the knitwear industry in Tiruppur. Icons will be modelled on the paintings and crafts of different states of India for example mural painting of Kerala, Doodle of Maharashtra etc. The icons on the ladder represents the strength and opportunities of the industry in Tiruppur, which the entrepreneurs have made optimum use to overcome the weakness and threats, which are represented by the path of the snake crossing grids. Six garments conceptualising the mood board are to be designed, drafted and constructed