• Tamil
  • English
  • French
  • Hindi


Providing light to understand the nuances of life through literature and relate to fellow human beings meaningfully. Trace out the student’s aesthetic sensibility and critical acumen of the students for exposing them to the human needs.


Facilitate the students to internalize the structure of the language, and enable them to enrich their communication skills. Inculcate them to have a love for reading, and sensing other disciplinary in language arena.


  • Excelling by academically and professionally in communication skills
  • Comprehend the universality of human concerns
  • Providing the required professional proficiency

Other exemplery features

  • Innovative, career oriented and tailored practices to match contemporary trends.
  • Immediate access in changes of pedagogical idea.
  • Good interpersonal relationship between staff and students
  • Dedicated staff team

Faculty Profile