Excellence in Physical Education and Sports.


To engage in relentless pursuit of Quality in the promotion and growth of Physical Education and Sports through innovative programmes in teaching, coaching, and outreach activities and evolve a holistic approach to the progress of human resources through a harmonious blend of body, concentration and soul.


  • To design and introduce innovative, integrated, inter-disciplinary curriculum in Physical Education and various Sports and games and allied areas and provide Leadership to the Profession.
  • To facilities the application of research finding to refine and sharpen the coaching and training techniques in Physical Education and Sports.
  • To actively design programme for the promotion and development of fitness and health concept among the students, faculty and the community around so as to mold them into physically fit and emotionally matured citizens.

Ever keeping in mind the dictum, "A healthy mind in a healthy body", NIFT - TEA College has been paying equal importance to Physical Education, sports and games. Education of the whole person implies physical development in harmony with other aspects of the educational processes. Education in this College includes a well-developed programme of sports and games. In addition to strengthening the body sports programmes help the students learn to accept both success and failure graciously.

The games were started in the College with the academic programme as recreation and relaxation for the students. Dedicated Management and the enthusiastic staff members trained the College students for various inter-collegiate competitions.

At NIFT – TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, there are good facilities for sports and games. Several students have been trained with good exercise and nurturing of talents, interest, leadership and other soft skills. The Physical Education department has facilities for most of the outdoor and indoor games. Physical facilities for all games have been provided and the services of coaches are enlisted as and when necessary to nurture promising talents. Extensive play grounds serve the needs of regular practice in Football, Volleyball, Kabaddi and Cricket.

Play fields, indoor and outdoor stadium and ample Physical Education facilities have been provided for students to engage in games of their choice. The College teams in Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, Volleyball and Athletics engage in regular practice and take part in University meets. Coaching is arranged for promising sportsmen: The students organize and conduct the Intra-murals and the annual intercollegiate, NIFT – TEA Premier League (NPL) Trophy Tournaments in Cricket.

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