Established in 2017-18, the Minority Cell aims to empower Muslim, Christian, Jain, and Sikh students. The college actively facilitates financial support for these students from government agencies and other sources and is committed to solving their various problems.


  • To ensure equal educational opportunities for minority students.
  • To facilitate financial support to minority students from governmental agencies and other sources.
  • To raise awareness among minority students about various Central and State Government scholarship schemes.
  • To encourage minority students to enroll in college-offered courses, workshops, and programs to develop career-related skills.
  • To provide prompt counseling to minority students for emotional emergencies arising from campus events.

Functions and Activities

  • Publicize Central and State Government scholarship schemes and updates.
  • Ensure minority student participation in various College Cells and Committees.
  • Identify and support minority students who needs assistance or extra guidance.

Minority Committee Members

S.No. Name of the staff Department Designation
1.  Mr K.Balamurugan HOD / Assistant Professor, Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising Chair Person
2.  Dr S,Nivas Assistant Professor, Computer Science Member
3.  Mrs V N Narmada Devi Assistant Professor, Apparel Fashion Designing Member
4.  Mr T Pradeepkumar Assistant Professor, Costume Design and Fashion Member
5.  Ms N Sangeetha Assistant Professor, Fashion Apparel Management Member
6.  Dr P Yasodha Assistant Professor, Commerce Member
7.  Dr T Sreerekha Assistant Professor, Management Studies Member

Minutes of Meeting - Minority Committee